Schismatic Schematics self-publishing, sound production, musical projects, diy audio electronics

schismatic schematics

Music Publishing
Releases from the North-West of England.

schismatic schematics

DIY Audio Electronics
Fx pedals, signal processing and tone generation.

schismatic schematics

Music Projects
Entities, non-entities and their ontological goings on.

Music Publishing

CD-r’s, tapes, digital distribution. These are the methods of publication that have been employed. These are the end results. Schismatic Schematics tends to use simple and widely available tools and resources in the process of making musical work ready for publication and distribution.

DIY musical electronics

In the interest of autonomy and independence and further the desire for uniqueness and flexibility Schismatic Schematic espouses the practice of making ones own musical equipment. Currently this is limited to onboard guitar electronics customisation, guitar fx pedals, sound and noise generators and other signal processing devices. Whilst the schematics of these are mostly derived from places like tagboardeffects and so on the implementation is sometimes unorthodox and those designs chosen are mostly strange or experimental.

Musical Projects

The primary musical project currently associated with Schismatic Schematics is Richard G Chamberlain the intention is to also document and detail other music projects linked to that identity. Quisling Meet, for instance, deserves to be shared and a common thread that will be seen is that these projects are all produced using DIY and independent means.

These three areas will be combined here to demonstrate how the published musical works have come about with the aim of inspiring and empowering others to start, continue and amplify their own creativity.